Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. My neighbor call 911 for an ambulance and the fire department showed up, why?

     A. Starting in 2007 the fire department, as part of a mutal aid agreement with Enterprise Rescue, started going to all ambulance calls in our coverage area. We have 3 EMT-Basics and several 1st responders able to render care until the ambulance arrives.

Q. My insurance company wanted to know what the fire departments ISO rating is, what is it and what is ISO?

     A. Our current rating is 6/9. An ISO rating is the standard that most insurance companies use to rate the fire risk for any given area ( for more info ), it is expressed in a scale 1-10, the lower the number the better. We have what is called a split rating, which means if your house is within 1000ft of a fire hydrant you should be a 6, if you are more than 1000ft you should be a 9. We lowered our rating from a 7/9 to a 6/9 a few years ago so make sure your insurance company is using the correct rating.

Q. Where does the money to run the fire department come from?

     A. We get money from many places, most of the money comes from a county wide tobacco tax and property fee, smaller amounts come from fund raisers held by the fire department, yearly grants from the Alabama Forestry Department, yearly grants from Dale County.

Q. Can I donate money to the fire department?

     A. Yes, and we will give you a receipt for your taxes, just contact us for more info. You can also donate old cars to be used for training.

Q. I thought the Town or County paid the firefighters, why are you called volunteer?

     A. We are 100% volunteer, the people that respond to your calls for help are your neighbors and they do not get paid a dime.

Q. How can I join the fire department?

     A. Well if you are 18 or older you can contact us for the details.

Q. I have an Enterprise or Daleville address, why is Level Plains Fire Department my fire department?

     A. The town of Level Plains does not have its own zip code or its own phone number prefix so it uses Enterprise or Daleville.

Q. What is the fire departments coverage area?

     A. We cover all of the area inside the town limits as well as a large area outside in Dale County. We go west to the Coffee / Dale County line, east to Claybank Creek on Hwy 84, north to Rucker Blvd ( area between the Enterprise City Limits and the Ft Rucker Gate ) and south to Hwy 92. We would also respond to just about anywhere in the Wiregrass area if requested.