In an Emergency, locating the callerís address
as soon as possible is the first step in saving lives and property.
Time wasted searching for the proper address is something many
callers to 911 donít have.  Many people have failed to present
identifiable markings at their residence, thereís a big difference
between knowing the address and finding the address.

Improper addressing frustrates emergency responders, but it could
be deadly to the resident because of the delays that result.
address marking is the responsibility of the citizen. This problem has been recognized for years by public safety agencies, and many communities have recently passed or
started enforcing ordinances that require address numbers of certain types
and sizes, but the problem persists.
If We Can't Find You, We Can't Help You!
Reflective Address Sign Form
Although we call our blue sign a mailbox sign, it should only be mounted on your mailbox IF your mailbox is in your yard and by itself. If your mailbox is in a group with other mailboxes or it is across the road from your house then you should mount your Reflective Address Sign somewhere else in YOUR yard. If you need help figuring out where to mount your address sign please contact us.
You can purchase Reflective Address Signs from Level Plains VFD.  Please fill out the form and send it to us.  Our department personnel will mount your sign if you live in our response  area and if you are elderly or handicapped.  If you live outside of our area, you can still order a Reflective Address Sign from us.  Fill out the form and we will mail or deliver your Reflective Address Sign to you.